Randomness rules!

At 10:13 PM when the long weekend is on the verge of getting over, I am filled with contentment. Not only because Monday's is already out of the way but also beacuse the long weekend had one day that brought a series of unpredictable events that just were perfect. So we got up on Sunday and without thinking much decided to go on a day trip to this place called Olinda. Now, I usually find Sundays worse than Mondays as from Sunday morning onwards I begin mourning about how close I am to another Monday morning. But that just wasn't the case on this second day of a three day long weekend. 

Anyway, I decided to wear this fairly new wrap skirt I wore during my Thailand trip. It's very beach but hey! who wears a beach skirt to the beach. Quite happy with my choice of clothing, I started pulling out tops from my wardrobe to match the skirt with. And only once out of lets say ten times I would pick the perfect top in the first pull( honestly, it could take me ages to finalize that). But I just happened to pull out this really old floral embroidered top that fit the mood just so amazingly that it's unreal.

Now, we did not know how is Olinda going to be like right. But first thing is I see myself in this awesome plants store (still wish I took some pictures of it) that had green babies I saw for the very first time. SO unusually alluring, that it became an instant day-maker for me. Later, we had lunch and spent some time in is cool souvenir shop and after a while decided to head back.

On our way back, Anirban pulled over beside this huge leafy park-like patch. We halted under a tree and just stared at the sky for sometime. A little later, we just randomly started walking along a trail and spotted a blackberry garden. Yes, a blackberry garden it was! Ripe blackberries, ready to relish on! So random, unexpected but hella good!

Also, thank god we carried the camera.