The Phuket break

This post has been in draft mode since over a month now. I know it's too late but I cannot move forward without blogging this unforgettable here it goes!

We finally got to live the long-awaited trip we have been planning since mid-last year. Gosh! Thailand you were amazing! Like soothing-breeze-followed-by-sun-kiss amazing, like an-extra-large-coconut-with-never-finishing-water amazing! And who doesn’t dream of that during the cold summer of Melbourne.

It all started with Phuket. Sun, sand, barbequed sea food and lots of coconut water - you wouldn’t ask for anything more on a holiday...  Read several reviews about how commercialized this place has become which we wanted to steer away from yet we decided to the plunge. And for the first time ever, I felt that visiting a busy city is not always bad idea. Phuket’s hustle-bustle gives life to its people and keeps everyone going. We stayed at Kata beach, which turned out to be a great location if you want it all quite but not secluded. Day time was mostly spent either sun bathing, paddle boarding, snorkeling (ideal place for avid snorkelers) or sometimes just eating. I am a turned recently non-vegetarian and got to try all sorts of sea food there. Roasted octopus, barbecued  barramundi, stuffed squid, etc, etc. A mini food trip every evening! This is how we holiday-ed.

We hired a scooter on our second last day and got to see the non-touristy side of Phuket. Spotted a small veggie bazaar on our way to Ban San market. There was no tourist there. In the beginning, I felt a bit odd but the people around us made us so comfortable. Smiling faces, introducing us to their speciality food. Had the freshest sushi there that costed only 38 Bhat (that’s $1.5 only, OMG!).

Evenings were all about night market hopping. Phuket’s infamous Naka was excellent! From $10 sunglasses to bags full of fruits, fake Birkenstocks to Thai sausages, the market has it all!

Above everything, I thank the people of Thailand who made this trip worth it. I bow down to them for consistently working hard and keeping a smile on their face in this tourist laden country. No doubt we are coming back to you Thailand. Can’t wait to do it all over again!