By The Wear

What is the strongest urge you have felt lately? … is it “I really want that Gucci bag”, “I am going to take a yoga class”, “I have to quit this job” or maybe just “I have got to wake up earlier”?

For me it was simple, I had to come back to By The Wear, my zone of love, peace and patchwork worn with gingham, metallic heels with socks, mesh Tee under a printed shirt with sleeves rolled till elbows. I can go on and on, right?!

Well, right now, there are a bazillion permutations juggling in this fashion-crazy head of mine. But before it all begins again, there’s something I got to say - Why did I stop blogging? I had the best streets to take photos at (hard to find a bare wall in this graffiti crazy neighbourhood), beaches are a stone-throw away from home and a house that has frames of no less than an interior magazine page.

Two years back, while making a move to the beautiful city of Melbourne, It barely occurred to me that this big change will set my style on a roller-coaster.

When it comes to colours, prints, aesthetic and even styling, Melbourne and Indian fashion are miles apart. Coming to terms with this fact and setting a balance between the two, took a good amount of time. Living in Melbourne was bound to influence my personal style but I couldn't take the Indian out of me either. The result was confusion-lead dressing that wore me more than I wore it. Last winter especially was a style nightmare. I can recall a fairly recent instance when on my way back home from work, I was so off about how I wore a newly-acquired COS Jumper that everyone complimented at work.

Another very significant change is getting through Melbourne's severely fickle-minded weather. No joke, you can come across a temperature varying from 13 to 30 degrees in a single day! Being a summer person and not able to wear a cotton shirt for straight 8 months has been annoying. So I have been layering like a pro now. :)

In perfect honesty, I have abused this change over time but now I have an equally deeper respect for it. However much my style suffered in this past, it was an experience that lead me come back to myself. 

This summer has been great so far. Dressing up has never been this adventurous and brave in a long time. I am ready to give a big hug to my wardrobe all over again. And shoes too! (Did you guys see my new jacquard babies.) Experiment more, learn more and worry less.

Also a long-awaited trip to Thailand is on the cards and then I head to my beloved India. India, saying it my head is making my eyes moist. I am brimming with love and only love!

 Also, what do guys think about BTW’s new look?