What's happening...

In exactly 25 days I will be off to Melbourne to start a new chapter in my life. Got to know about it almost a month back but it took time to sink in and then to pen it on the blog. Since then things have just been in a wrapping-up state and I have been drowned in a flood of calls for selling stuff.

All this has taken my attention away from By the Wear. I couldn't participate in Swarovski's #styleyourwaytoparis contest, have a number of unread emails in my inbox and wouldn't be visiting Lakme Fashion Week this time. This obligation has piled on a lot on the virtual blog table and I can't wait to settle down to share it with you all.

More than being excited about what Aussie land has in store for me, I am melancholic about leaving India, my favourite people and places here. But I know that the much said friendliness of people there and their immense love for fashion will make me come back to life.

And in this chaos, I somehow managed to visit Dastkaar that happened last Sunday in Bangalore. Thoughts of moving-away from the country got me a little emotional and I ended up shopping quite a bit. Needless to say that all these will be by-the-worn soon.

P.S Thank you Dheera for this wonderful sketch.