New home

Vintage shirt
Necklace (Old)
Shoes (Pretty old too)
Almost two months till we get the keys to our new home.. I don't think this fact has really sunk in..cause believe me, I am not prepared at all. Nevertheless, I am too excited to move into this all-white nest. We never planned to do this shoot here but when we reached, this outfit and my mood seem to just blend in with the walls. And it seemed like a great way to share this with all of you. So I predict that a lot of future posts would be shot here during our curtain-couch-colour conversations. 
Thoughts on this ensemble. Well, on my process of making the perfect denim cut-offs (which I always end up cutting a little too short) I, instead of pairing it with a Tee and slip-ons, teamed with this long shirt. So the long and short (also the proper and improper respectively) went well together. Finished it with a choker for Punk-like results.