By the Blue..


H&M Maxi

By now you all know about my ever-growing love for Auroville. The place just sets the right environment for leaving every worry away and soak in all the peace around you. Catching a late Friday train to Pondicherry and coming back before the week begins has become an every month thing now. Since last three visits we have been staying in Samarpan, a beautiful resort right next to the beach. For hours I can look at the sea while countless thoughts cross my mind. Apart from giving a wonderful view of the beach, the place has Blacky (the big-cute dog) and three monochrome cats too. So if you are an animal lover or just miss to play around with your distant pet, a visit to this place is a must. As for me, well if life is a beach, my home is Auroville.

P.S. Putting a flower in my hair was unintentional. Although it did lift up the whole look in a nice way.