Layered thoughts

Dress and Jacket: Blueprint Coleccion Whenever any trend hits the ‘it’s-big-right-now’ list internationally, I start imagining how I can put it into action with the Indianized parallels existing in my wardrobe. One of these is a Blueprint dress that evens out my trove (wardrobe) swelling with innumerable bottoms and another are the countless ethnic neckpieces lying in my jewellery drawer.

So everything layered is also in the ‘it’s-big-right-now’ list and the other day when I got up to style this dress, I thought of layering all this together! This epiphany struck me when I was trying out a few necklaces. Piling one on another made the whole thing looked so perfectly-put-together. Lesson: If one necklace doesn't stand out, layer all of it together! Also, in the season made for layering, this dress layered under a jacket, accessorized with necklaces can become a style statement on a date and a head turner at a party.

The print of the dress reminds me of a time. Couple of years back when I was slightly plum (I am a good-old lover of all things high-calorie) then the only way I disguised that was with prints. There’s no denying the fact how prints perfectly accompany excessive bulges. And since the holiday season (a.k.a the hogging season) is still lingering on my mind, I am frequently going to be seen layered in prints and all.

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