Annie met Frida

 Artiara Headband

 Tailor-made shirt

 Marks & Spencer men's pants

 Vintage sequins waistcoat

 ASOS T-bar sandals

Trends come, go and come again but classics are classics. This not only applies to fashion but also to personalities and characters. Two of these that resonate in my style are Frida Kahlo and Annie Hall. Infact the blog began with a post on Frida Kahlo. Frida’s strong personality is reflected by how she dresses. She is the only one who with flowers on her head can look so powerful. Likewise, if you have seen Annie Hall then you a touch of Frida in her, in a contemporary way though. Annie has got this curiosity to explore the unknown. She has a careless mannish way of dressing up yet she looks attractive. Her androgynous style sense justified her risk-taking character aptly.

Coming back to the post, just when I received this rosette headgear from


, the probable options of styling it began in my head. Rosettes could only make me think of something dainty and feminine. But like last time when I was in a similar confusion, both of these fave ladies rescued me. After seeing the above pictures I could assure myself that I wouldn't have done justice to this beautiful Artiara piece in any better way.

P.S. Thanks Richa for this pretty gift! I can now celebrate Christmas wearing this all day long.