Stop being so formal!

Tailor made pants: Mohan Singh Place
Bag: Sisley
Ring and necklace: Lovisa
Pumps: New Look
Shirt: Tailor-made from Raymonds
From now on I will be sitting in my office all alone in a huge conference room. My only team member and friend in this new city left for good. Her absence bores me like hell...*sigh*..but I know this too shall pass! 
This outfit is like a reminder of the times when I use to dress up in all formals. Although it's challenging and fun to style formal wear but I am thankful that I no longer work at a place where there's a dress code to follow. 
Here's a lowdown on how to make your formal wear a little more interesting than usual:
/Don't just stick to doing a top-bottoms-shoes look. Add a least one accessory to make it less boring.
/Invest in statement pants. Best is to get your pants tailor-made. Just give an inspiration picture of your fave design to the tailor. 
/Add more colours to your formal wear collection. For example: Instead of buying in a black suit which everyone does, get a cherry red or a mustard coloured suit would make you stand you.
/Rule of thumb: Don't wear open-toe footwear with formal outfits.
/If you mostly wear shirts then invest in things like vests, belts, necklaces and bracelets in minimal designs.