Neon Mesh Cuff

My DIY itch is over! Remember I mentioned on Facebook about things that are currently inspiring me a lot. It's amusing to see how my thoughts got put into action and I created this neon mesh cuff. And this is certainly not the last time you'll see it featured on By-the-wear. I have been wearing it wherever I get a chance and it stays put so well!

You must have already know the drill after seeing the pictures...clean and simple as it look. Here's what you will need
/A wine bottle with the mesh cover secured.
/Thread in the same colour as the mesh
/Crystals in prong setting /Glue
Take the mesh cover and fold it from both sides.
Hold the folded mesh and apply Araldite while layering both ends on each other. Keep it like that for 5 mins for the edges to paste.Then turn it back to the front side.
Decide a design and accordingly start pasting the crystals with araldite. Once done then stitch the crystals to keep them in place.
STEP 4 Try it on!