When I visited Topshop....

Several times I get in this situation where I enter a shop and feel so small because of the inability to buy the expensive stuff displayed there. Well... visiting Topshop in Melbourne made me feel somewhat similar .. maybe a little worse... :(  Imagine a fashion lover surviving in a place where everywhere she see delicious clothing, yummy details but with eyebrow-raising price tag along.

After shuffling my fingers through jackets, tops, short (oh what shorts they had!) and realizing that I cannot buy anything from the store, I started to walk out. Then at a corner I saw this little satchel lying. $36 didn't sound too bad to pay for a Topshop satchel in my fave colour.

Mini Satchel: 


.......and since then I have had it everywhere in my mind..... thoughts like what will I pair it with, OMG! I own a 

Topshop satchel

, this will go perfectly with my Nike sneakers, etc. make me imagine it while I do my daily chores! Although I don't mind it lingering in my mind till the time I pair it with something interesting