To Frida, with all my heart!

Hello World, here I write!

After deleting the first line, a thousand times, I with all the jitters, confusions, excitement and a much faster heart beat, say a big hello to all those who love fashion or have even the slightest interest in it.

They say, when confused then listen to your heart. And came Frida! One woman who inspires me the most. She gives me a sense of liberation with her ‘take me as I am’ attitude. I just loooove her style. Her uni-brow,  prominent mustache &  floral headgear has a forever-fresh feel to it. Her style is a surreal mix of sharp and soft. Very intriguing! Here I try (just try) to look like her.

Frida Kahlo, is and will always be my muse.

All the pictures are clicked by me and edited by Ducky ( His name is Anirban but i like to call him that), a brilliant photographer. Stay tuned, a lot of his amazing work is on the way!

P.S. Anyone who has not seen Frida (the movie) is truly missing something!

I am wearing: A self-designed Linen long dress, vintage perforated wooden choker, Frida Kahlo brooch (bought from and camel leather bag from Udaipur.

 Thanks for stopping by!